Chronic Obstruction Pulmonoary Disease (COPD), Scoliosis and Peripheral Vascular insufficiency
"I have found Christine to be a very caring physiotherapist as well as kind & helpful. I look upon her as a
friend as well as a physiotherapist and will not use anyone else when the need arises. Should Christine not
be available, I will not hesitate to use Fiona who works with her."
- Patient A

Lower back pain, knee pain from poor biomechanics while running

"After being an extremely sporty person since childhood, a lower back injury meant that I wasn't able to
do many of the activities that I enjoyed. I couldn't run for longer than 5 minutes without pain, I wasn't able
to play action netball and quite a few exercises at the gym just weren't an option.
I saw 3 physiotherapists and a chiropractor and each of them were only able to offer temporary relief from
the pain that many exercises caused me. One even suggested going to see an orthopaedic surgeon.
Then I was introduced to Christine.
Her treatment finally offered some permanent relief and together we've managed to strengthen my back to
the point where I'm virtually pain free. Christine is patient and thorough and she finally managed to find the
root of the problem. She also takes a genuine interest in her patients and their recovery.
Thanks to Christine, I've been able to embrace my new passion which is running.  So far I've managed to
run two half marathons (in pretty good time) and I'm aiming to run my first full marathon before the end of
the year. I couldn't have done it without her help!"
- Patient B

Polytrauma after a motorbike accident. Bilateral knee injuries.

"Christine has proved to be an extremely competent, considerate, very pleasant and highly professional
physiotherapist who demonstrate a passion for her profession and patient's.
I met Christine in hospital after a motorcycle accident in which I suffered extensive damage to both my
knees. From day one she installed confidence in me as she could relate to the trauma I went through. 
Just as important, she took the time to explain what was happening with my knees / legs which included
showing me pictures from her anatomy books of the affected joints and tendons. This gave me the
confidence in knowing that the treatments she recommended and would perform would assist in healing
my knees.  Not only was Christine the most amazing and caring physiotherapist, but she helped me stay
positive while dealing with my injuries. During the past 26 months I have the impression that she was born
to help people in pain. She is intuitive with both her mind and her hands when it comes to administering
therapy.  Our sessions even became enjoyable thanks to her sense of humor and caring attitude!
I remember being warned that this would be a long and slow road back to recovery. Through it all Christine
was unbelievable. Once again I have quality of life and I am so forever grateful to Christine who has become
a very dear friend of mine.
I have no reservations at all in recommending Christine to anyone seeking high quality physiotherapy
treatment, advice and support."
- Patient C

Bilateral Hip Scope with anaesthectic complications
"I was treated by Christine for many months as I prepared for and recovered from two hip surgeries. Her
understanding of what one is dealing with and her care and support helped me through the challenges
that I faced both physically and emotionally. She is a skilled and empathetic professional. I would
recommend her without hesitation."
- Patient D

Hip replacement and lower back pain (Patient from the UK)

"I first met Christine in January 2010 after my hip replacement operation, and have never looked back. Her
warm kindness and encouraging patience - together with professional knowledge got me back on my feet
very quickly. A year later I went back because of back pain, and can only say that when I walked out of
her rooms after a few weeks of treatment, I felt happy and pain free. I will not hesitate to use Christine's
services whenever I have a need to, and recommend her wholeheartedly."
- Patient E

Hips Scope, shoulder, migraines
"I'm privileged to have Christine as my physiotherapist. The combination of the treatment in her rooms and
the aftercare exercises she prescribes are extremely successful in significantly improving the pain and
increase mobility in my shoulder and neck as well as better manage my migraine attacks."
- Patient F

Cerebral infarct aneurysm, mysositis ossificans, neuro rehab, lumbar back pain

"Our 'professional affair' started almost 3 years ago. During this time Christine has shown her utmost
compassion, patience, knowledge, professionalism, understanding and kindness.
She is always willing to answer and provide explanations to any questions that I might have and she is
prepared to challenge me to go the extra step in my recovery. I absolutely adore this since there is nothing
better than to prove to myself and everybody else including Christine that I can do it. As famous Nike slogan
goes: Just Do it!
I am extremely grateful to Christine for her passion and commitment without which I know my recovery
process would not be where it is today."
- Patient G
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